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CAPS Intermediate Phase.

The Intermediate phase is the next step in your child’s educational journey, building upon the solid foundation laid in the previous phase. With a strong focus on a comprehensive understanding of the world, this phase sharpens critical and creative thinking skills. It aims to enhance language proficiency, mathematical abilities, and knowledge across a range of subjects. Join us in this exciting phase, where your child will flourish and acquire the essential skills needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Get ready to embark on an educational journey like no other!

Our all-inclusive fee package is designed to ignite your child’s learning experience. Imagine dynamic full-time live classes that bring subjects to life, captivating lesson ebooks that open doors to knowledge, and seamless access to the power of Office 365 for limitless creativity. But that’s not all – your child will also enjoy their very own personalized student email, a gateway to exciting extracurricular activities that nurture talents and passions, and a treasure trove of additional surprises. Enroll your child today and unlock a world of possibilities that will leave them eager to learn, explore, and excel!

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Our Approach.

We are inspired by technology that has revolutionized how people share, connect and consume information.  We hope to improve how people learn and are taught.  We believe that teaching and learning should be immersive and with the right tools, access to quality content and proactive support everyone can improve performance and achieve their goal.

Personal Learning Journeys

We understand that each learner progresses at a different pace. Every learner is guided by their own personalised learning journey enabled by the power of data science and artificial intelligence.

Live Classes

Live classes provide learners with a sense of realism to the traditional brick and mortar environment whilst bringing learners the convenience of connecting anytime, anywhere. Our live classes ensure maximised learning and engagement time between learners and educators.

Design by Visualisation

We’ve embraced the power of edutainment through the use of mixed media, trans-media storytelling, game-centric development to maintain the learners ability to conceptualize learning concepts and theories.

Teachers Who Care <i class=”fas fa-heart”></i>

Now more than ever, your child deserves the best with educators who love teaching – teaching learners to love learning :-).  Our innovations match educators and learners to provide proactive coaching and support.

Wellness Coaching

Our specialist wellness coaches strive to create a stress-free learning environment.  They assist learners by continuously assessing their physical and emotional state of mind.  We have partnered with Breathwork Africa to bring your child the best overall well-being programme.

Extra and Co-curricular Activities

It’s not just about academic excellence, we’ve also incorporated a holistic development environment to build social and emotional well-being.  Everyone is welcome to participate. Join our Lego team or one of the other awesome clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our online school for intermediate phase follows a student-centered approach, focusing on interactive and engaging lessons that cater to the unique learning needs of young children. Our certified educators use a combination of videos, virtual classroom activities, and hands-on materials to create an immersive learning experience.

We prioritize your child’s safety and online security. Our platform uses robust security measures and age-appropriate online tools. Our educators are trained to monitor and guide students’ online interactions, ensuring a safe and positive learning atmosphere.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum covering core subjects like English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Life Skills. Our curriculum is designed to align with national standards and is enriched with interactive elements to keep young learners engaged.

We understand the importance of social development. Our online school provides opportunities for students to interact through virtual classrooms, group projects, and online clubs. We encourage communication skills, teamwork, and social interaction within a digital setting.

Our teachers are trained to differentiate instruction based on students’ learning styles and abilities. We offer personalized learning pathways, provide additional support where needed, and offer advanced challenges for students who excel.

To attend our online school, your child will need a computer or tablet with internet access. We provide a list of recommended devices and software, as well as technical support to help you get started.  You can even visit our Campus Mall to check out the best deals we’ve negotiated for you.

We use a variety of assessment methods, including quizzes, assignments, projects, and interactive activities to evaluate students’ understanding. Our teachers provide timely feedback and maintain open lines of communication with parents to discuss progress.

We understand the concerns about screen time. Our lessons are designed to be engaging, but we also encourage a healthy balance between online and offline activities. Our educators provide guidance on setting screen time limits and incorporating hands-on learning experiences.

Absolutely. We encourage parent involvement and provide regular updates on your child’s progress. Parents can participate in virtual parent-teacher conferences, access learning materials, and engage in discussions with other parents through our online platform.

Enrolling your child is simple. Visit our website and follow the enrollment process outlined there. For tuition fees, please refer to our website or contact our admissions team for detailed information.

Discover how parents and learners feel about our school

I want to say thank you SWALES ONLIINE ACADEMY, one of the best Online classes.  I would highly recommend Swales for online classes.  My child started this year March 2023 and from the day she started I was totally impressed with everything that Swales has to offer.  There are so many advantages of studying from home.  The teachers are excellent and their communication when kids miss their online lessons totally impressed me.  I can go on and on about the many reasons why parents should consider online classes and why Swales Online Academy is the best by far.

Angelina Naidoo

Grade 6 Parent

Swales Online Academy has changed our lives.  My daughter is doing so well in school, she loves her teachers and classmates. Me. As a homeschool mom, struggled to find the balance of school and every day.  Swales helped my kids to be independent and they love school now.  You can also do it from anywhere in the world and it boosts their confidence especially because they are in a comfortable environment of their own home.

Juanita Germishuys

Grade 7 Parent

Swales Online Academy is fantastic. I used to worry whether online schooling was the right fit for my children, but I know for a fact I made the right choice enrolling them here. Sometimes, we as parents have difficult choices to make regarding the best outcome for our children’s future. Don’t let schooling them be one of those difficult decisions. Take a chance with Swales Online Academy you will see that your children will be taught with passion and their educational future is in great hands.

Tracey Chalmer

Grade 9 and 10 Parent

We’re proud to be recognized by amazing partners

Welcome to a path of academic achievement and personal development!

Together, we’ll empower your child to explore, discover, and excel, preparing them for the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

Together, we’ll empower your child to explore, discover, and excel, preparing them for the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

We believe that fostering a strong educational foundation during this phase is essential for building confident and capable individuals.

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