Our awesome online school is fully accredited.

Our awesome online school is fully accredited.

Swales Online Academy is wholly owned and a subsidiary of Campus of Things.  We are fully accredited with SACAI & Pearson Edexcel.

Come join our tribe and experience personalised, interactive, intuitive, and holistic teaching and learning.

CAPS Curriculum.

The National Curriculum Statement (NCS) is a framework developed by the South African Department of Basic Education (DBE) that provides guidance for curriculum development and implementation in schools throughout the country. It outlines the knowledge, skills, and values that should be taught in South African schools. The NCS is a document that guides the planning, implementation, and assessment of the curriculum in South African schools. The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) is an implementation document of the NCS that provides more detailed guidance for curriculum development, assessment, and teaching within the framework of the NCS. The CAPS outlines the grade-specific content, learning outcomes, and assessment standards for each subject area. The CAPS is meant to provide teachers with the necessary guidance to deliver quality education to all learners.

Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is designed to help learners develop foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, as well as gain an understanding of the world around them. It also focuses on the development of social and emotional skills, physical development, creative thinking, and expression.

Intermediate Phase

The Intermediate Phase builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the Foundation Phase, with a focus on developing a holistic understanding of the world and enhancing critical and creative thinking. It aims to improve language and mathematics skills, as well as knowledge in various subject areas.

Senior Phase

The Senior Phase is aimed at helping learners develop critical and creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to evaluate information, as well as language and mathematics knowledge and skills. It is designed to enable learners to gain an understanding of their environment.

FET Phase

The FET Phase focuses on developing critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to evaluate information, as well as the development of language and mathematics skills and knowledge in various subject areas. This is to ensure that learners are equipped to pursue further education opportunities.

Matric Rewrite

The Matric Rewrite programme is designed to give learners a second chance to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a subject and to ensure that they are better equipped to pursue further education, training, and job opportunities.  The Matric Rewrite programme is a post matric programme and is accredited by SACAI.

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We’re proud to be recognized and endorsed by amazing partners.

We’re proud to be recognized and endorsed by amazing partners.

What our Parents and Students say about us.

“Very Happy!”

We are extremely happy! The communication and support at Swales work really well. Information is readily available and the interaction with the teachers and the way they conduct their lessons are truly inspiring to our students. They enjoy the freedom but also enjoy that they are able to connect with others. We are very happy and the fact that our kids are happy makes us even happier. Thank you to the Swales team.

“Best School!”

Swales Online Academy has been the best school experience my daughters have had for the second year now. I have seen so much growth in the areas of self-confidence, independence, and academic performance in my children.


Swales Online Academy is an online school with dedicated and professional teachers. Even though the physical factor differs from the school setting, the teachers ensure that they reach the children through this digital learning, and they are still able to build those trust relationships. Teaching is made fun, and the teachers put in the extra effort to make lessons creative to keep the children engaged in their learning. My children are enjoying schooling in the comfort of their home, as I as a parent can relax knowing my children are getting the best possible education and are safe.

Marlon Bird – Timothy House

South Africa [Grade 10 | 11 | 12]

Blessing Hutchinson – Parent

South Africa [Grade 9]

Kasturi Naidu – Parent

South Africa [Grade 5]


Simran, thank you for being the best tutor ever!  You went above & beyond for our children.  You came to every lesson on time, thoroughly prepared, bringing a sense of calm with you.  You exhibited patience, care & I sensed your focus is to assist your pupil, rather than the pursuit of money.  We wish you well in your endeavors & know that those who allow your mentorship are sure to succeed. With thanks & best wishes.


Havisht was my tutor back in 2020 and he tutored me for maths. He was very patient and wanted me to succeed. He would make sure that if I didn’t understand something he wouldn’t stop trying until I knew exactly what to do. He has a lot of knowledge in what he does and I would definitely recommend him. Also when I got my results back I did very well.

“The Best!”

Havisht was a world class tutor with all the care in the world. He wouldn’t leave unless I understood a concept. Luckily with his good teaching he never ended up staying for long!! Highly recommended!

The Schroders

South Africa [Grade 9 | 10 | 11 | 12]

Nic Eramus

South Africa [Grade 12]

Tristan Mortimer

South Africa [Grade 10 | 11 | 12]