Learning is about discovering, imagination and endless possibilities

We challenge the status quo.

We challenge the status quo.

Officially accredited by SACAI and endorsed by Durban High School

Our Story.

The Campus of Things journey began in 2017 with its founder and co-founders envisioning an online immersive platform which provides each learner with the opportunity to receive a quality education that is inclusive, accessible, and affordable.



A light bulb moment happened

Working in the education industry for over 25 years, not only provided us enough time to think about and identify the gaps in our current education system but also provided us time to think about how education can be changed.

  • It must be affordable.

  • It must be accessible and inclusive.

  • It must be fun, and interactive and drive a seamless user experience.



Campus of Things was born

Campus of Things was born with the intention to change education by making education more accessible, affordable, immersive, interactive, holistic, and fun.




Planning, planning and more planning …

Combining their skills and previous experience, our founder and co-founders began creating an online immersive learning platform that would be used primarily to deliver an online education that was universally accessible, affordable, immersive, interactive, holistic, and fun.

The platform would also be used to provide learners with virtual assistants, tutors, wellness coaches, examination preparation bootcamps, virtual concierge services, short courses, and e-Sport facilities.



Yes, it was official

We were officially ready to change education by challenging the status quo. Campus of Things, an online immersive learning platform, was officially launched! And this launch opened the door for Campus of Things to become an AWS Edstart member.



We are a fully accredited online school

We merged with Swales Online Academy and welcomed 85 children, in Grades 4-11, onto our online immersive learning platform. But this is not all, this merger also led to our endorsement and accreditations from SACAI, DHS, and Pearson Edexcel.



2023 and beyond

2023 welcomes our first Grade 12 class and Matric Rewrite programme and the launch of Campus of Things in Mauritius.