The light bulb moment

This is where our journey begins, at the very heart of the paradox that students everywhere were grappling with – A world of boundless connectivity at their fingertips, yet a learning experience that felt oddly disconnected.  The world was offering them access to a wealth of information, but the traditional educational landscape failed to bridge the gap between technology and effective learning outcomes.

Welcome to the story of Campus of Things, where the ‘light bulb moment’ ignited a revolution in education.



United by a shared vision

With our ‘light bulb moment’ as our guiding star, the next 2 years of our journey unfolded as we assembled a dynamic and passionate team, united by a shared vision. Together, we embarked on a journey of ideation and innovation, nurturing our collective dream of revolutionizing education.

In this pivotal phase, we honed our vision, transforming it into a tangible mission aimed at seamlessly connecting students to the boundless world of digital knowledge, ensuring that learning experiences would never again feel disconnected.

Our team became the bedrock of our journey, driving us forward as we laid the foundation for what Campus of Things stands for today.



We started gaining traction

As momentum steadily built in our startup journey, a significant turning point arrived as we began gaining traction. We marked this milestone by launching our official website, a moment that drew us closer to unveiling the eagerly anticipated LearnSpace learning portal.

Our ascent was further accelerated when we were selected to join the prestigious AWS EdStart program, catapulting our development and hosting infrastructure to new heights.

With these pivotal steps, Campus of Things was primed to transform the educational landscape and bring our vision of seamless, connected learning experiences to fruition.



Learnspace portal was launched

With unwavering dedication and meticulous effort, we reached a monumental juncture in our startup journey as we proudly launched the LearnSpace portal. This long-awaited moment marked the realization of our vision and the culmination of countless hours of hard work. With the LearnSpace portal live, we were now prepared to usher in a new era of education, where boundless digital resources seamlessly connect with learners, providing them with a rich and engaging educational experience.

The launch of the LearnSpace portal symbolized not only our commitment to bridging the gap in education but also our relentless pursuit of transforming the way students and educators connect with knowledge.



We acquired Swales Online Academy

Our journey continued to evolve as we expanded our educational horizons. In a significant move, we acquired Swales Online Academy, our official K-12 online school offering the South African CAPS curriculum. This strategic acquisition allowed us to broaden our educational reach, impacting students from Grade 4 to Grade 11, and solidifying our commitment to providing quality education.

Simultaneously, we set our sights on a new endeavor by registering Campus of Things Mauritius, laying the foundation for our international presence and furthering our mission to transform education on a global scale. These steps represented significant milestones in our journey, showcasing our dedication to creating accessible and innovative learning opportunities for students of all backgrounds.



Received full SACAI accreditation

Our journey continued to gather momentum and credibility as we achieved a major milestone: full accreditation from SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute). This accreditation marked a significant step in our mission to provide quality education, validating our commitment to academic excellence.

In December 2022, we celebrated another remarkable achievement by launching Grade 12, expanding our educational offerings to provide a comprehensive K-12 experience. This not only empowered our students to reach the pinnacle of their educational journey but also solidified our position as a trailblazer in online education, offering the South African CAPS curriculum.

These accomplishments underscored our dedication to shaping the future of education, making high-quality learning accessible to students across South Africa and beyond.



We journey is marked by continued growth

Our journey is marked by continued growth and success as we welcomed 200 new learners, ranging from Grade 4 to Grade 12, into our online academy. Their enrollment speaks to the value and quality of education we provide. In July 2023, we proudly achieved a remarkable 98% satisfaction rate in a survey, reaffirming our dedication to delivering an exceptional learning experience.

To support our expanding student body, we’ve recruited 20 full-time educators who have collectively contributed approximately 11,520 hours of live online classes each month, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

In May 2023, we reached another significant milestone with accreditation from Pearson Edexcel, positioning us to launch Stages 2 and 3 of the British International Curriculum in 2024. This exciting development enables us to offer a broader spectrum of educational opportunities to our students.

As testament to our ongoing success, approximately 20 new families are choosing our online academy each month, a clear indication of the trust and confidence parents and learners have in our mission to revolutionize education. Our journey continues, fueled by our commitment to providing accessible, high-quality education that empowers students to excel.

Discover how parents and learners feel about our school

I want to say thank you SWALES ONLIINE ACADEMY, one of the best Online classes.  I would highly recommend Swales for online classes.  My child started this year March 2023 and from the day she started I was totally impressed with everything that Swales has to offer.  There are so many advantages of studying from home.  The teachers are excellent and their communication when kids miss their online lessons totally impressed me.  I can go on and on about the many reasons why parents should consider online classes and why Swales Online Academy is the best by far.

Angelina Naidoo

Grade 6 Parent

Swales Online Academy has changed our lives.  My daughter is doing so well in school, she loves her teachers and classmates. Me. As a homeschool mom, struggled to find the balance of school and every day.  Swales helped my kids to be independent and they love school now.  You can also do it from anywhere in the world and it boosts their confidence especially because they are in a comfortable environment of their own home.

Juanita Germishuys

Grade 7 Parent

Swales Online Academy is fantastic. I used to worry whether online schooling was the right fit for my children, but I know for a fact I made the right choice enrolling them here. Sometimes, we as parents have difficult choices to make regarding the best outcome for our children’s future. Don’t let schooling them be one of those difficult decisions. Take a chance with Swales Online Academy you will see that your children will be taught with passion and their educational future is in great hands.

Tracey Chalmer

Grade 9 and 10 Parent