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CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme.

Embark on a remarkable journey of self-improvement and seize your second opportunity with our Matric Rewrite programme. This programme is dedicated to empowering you to refine critical and creative thinking, enhance problem-solving abilities, and master the skill of evaluating information effectively. It also emphasizes the advancement of language proficiency, mathematical competence, and knowledge across various subjects. By equipping you with these essential skills, our Matric Rewrite programme prepares you to confidently pursue further educational opportunities and achieve your personal and academic goals. Join us in this transformative phase, where you’ll have the tools to enhance your abilities and grasp a second chance at success.

Get ready to embark on an educational journey like no other!

Our all-inclusive fee package is designed to ignite your learning experience. Imagine dynamic full-time live classes that bring subjects to life, captivating lesson ebooks that open doors to knowledge, and seamless access to the power of Office 365 for limitless creativity. But that’s not all – you will also enjoy their very own personalized student email, and a gateway to an exciting treasure trove of additional surprises, including masterclasses, bootcamps and career days. Enroll today and unlock a world of possibilities that will leave you eager to learn, explore, and excel!

Monthly Subscription

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Quarterly Subscription

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Annual Subscription

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Fees per Subject

Annual Admission

R     600.00

R 2 250.00

R 6 000.00

R   2 250.00

**Our fees include SACAI registration fees per subject chosen.

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Our Approach.

We are inspired by technology that has revolutionized how people share, connect and consume information.  We hope to improve how people learn and are taught.  We believe that teaching and learning should be immersive and with the right tools, access to quality content and proactive support everyone can improve performance and achieve their goal.

Personal Learning Journeys

We understand that each learner progresses at a different pace. Every learner is guided by their own personalised learning journey enabled by the power of data science and artificial intelligence.

Live Classes

Live classes provide learners with a sense of realism to the traditional brick and mortar environment whilst bringing learners the convenience of connecting anytime, anywhere. Our live classes ensure maximised learning and engagement time between learners and educators.

Design by Visualisation

We’ve embraced the power of edutainment through the use of mixed media, trans-media storytelling, game-centric development to maintain the learners ability to conceptualize learning concepts and theories.

Facilitators Who Care

Now more than ever, your child deserves the best with educators who love teaching – teaching learners to love learning :-).  Our innovations match educators and learners to provide proactive coaching and support.

Exam Prep Bootcamps

We believe that continuity, familiarity and reinforcement are the key to success. We provider quarterly exam prep bootcamps in which our educators equip learners with exam planning and techniques that help learners build self-confidence and ultimately improve performance.


We know that the final year of school is stressful. It’s not just about academic performance but also about planning for the future. Webinars give learners an opportunity to network, gain insights into the world of work, and tackle challenging subject areas through engaging with subject matter specialists and industry experts.

Career Guidance

Planning for your career may not be an easy task. Our guidance counselors offer career guidance and advice based on identifying a learner’s passion, ambition and goals to make the best possible career choice. Furthermore, our Virtual Assistants go the extra mile by offering learners assistance with their post matric further education applications.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme is a specialized educational opportunity designed for individuals who seek to improve their matriculation results. It provides a chance to retake subjects in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) curriculum, enhancing learners’ chances for success in further education and career pursuits.

Our online CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme offers a flexible and convenient platform for learners to retake and improve their matriculation subjects. Through our virtual classrooms, interactive lessons, and comprehensive study materials, learners can revisit subjects, clarify concepts, and prepare for exams.

The CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme is designed for mature learners who may not have achieved their desired results in their initial matric exams. Whether you’re looking to improve subject grades or refresh your knowledge for new opportunities, this program provides a tailored pathway for growth.

SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) is an independent assessment body that offers accredited assessments for learners in the FET phase. It ensures that learners’ achievements are recognized and recorded in line with national educational standards.

No, as an accredited institution, we register you with SACAI who is directly associated with Umalusi. Umalusi is the Quality Council responsible for issuing of the National Senior Certificate.

We offer a range of CAPS subjects for the Matric Rewrite Programme. This includes core subjects like Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and more. The subjects available may vary based on demand and curriculum updates.

Yes, the CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme is based on the official CAPS curriculum and is accredited by the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI). This recognition ensures its alignment with national educational standards, making your improved results valid and respected by higher education institutions and potential employers.

Yes, there are fees associated with registering for SACAI assessments.

Matric rewrite learners have a separate registration fee that you are required to pay. This fee covers all expenses related to registering subjects and securing a placement for the writing of the final examinations. These examinations take place at a venue closest to the physical address of the learner.

We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to fees, and we strive to ensure that the registration process is smooth and well-detailed for parents and learners. If you have any specific questions about the fee structure or payment process, feel free to reach out to our admissions team for assistance.

All assessments are conducted online, allowing learners to complete them from the comfort of their own home or a chosen venue. This approach provides flexibility and convenience while maintaining the integrity of the assessment process.

For FORMAL assessments, parents will receive an invigilation form. They are required to nominate an invigilator who will oversee the student during the assessment. The invigilator must be present at the chosen venue throughout the assessment to ensure that exam guidelines and integrity are maintained.

In addition to the parent-invigilator, our educators conduct secondary invigilation. They ensure that the assessment process runs smoothly and that students are adhering to assessment guidelines. This secondary invigilation adds an extra layer of oversight to ensure the validity of the assessments.

To uphold the integrity of assessments, all students are required to write their assessments while being on a live video stream. This practice allows educators and invigilators to monitor students in real-time, ensuring that they are following assessment protocols and preventing any academic misconduct.

For matric rewrite learners, the final examination is a significant milestone. These examinations are conducted in person at SACAI registered venues closest to the students’ physical addresses. This approach ensures standardized examination conditions and fairness for all learners.

The Grade 10-12 NSC pass requirements ensure that learners meet the minimum standards for completing their education successfully. The pass requirements are as follows:

  1. Three Subjects Passed with 40% or More (including the Home Language): To pass the NSC, learners need to achieve a minimum of 40% in at least three subjects, one of which must be their Home Language.
  2. Three Subjects Passed with 30% or More: In addition to the subjects mentioned above, learners must also achieve a minimum of 30% in three other subjects.
  3. Failing One Subject with Completed SBA Evidence: Learners are allowed to fail one subject, provided there is substantial evidence that their School-Based Assessment (SBA) for that subject has been completed. The SBA is a component of the assessment process that includes various activities and assignments completed throughout the year.

These pass requirements are designed to ensure that learners demonstrate a basic understanding of a range of subjects while maintaining a focus on essential skills such as their Home Language. It’s important for learners to strive for their best performance across all subjects to achieve a well-rounded education.

Our online school for fet phase follows a student-centered approach, focusing on interactive and engaging lessons that cater to the unique learning needs of young children. Our certified educators use a combination of videos, virtual classroom activities, and hands-on materials to create an immersive learning experience.

We prioritize your safety and online security. Our platform uses robust security measures and age-appropriate online tools. Our educators are trained to monitor and guide students’ online interactions, ensuring a safe and positive learning atmosphere.

We understand the importance of social development. Our online school provides opportunities for students to interact through virtual classrooms, group projects, and online clubs. We encourage communication skills, teamwork, and social interaction within a digital setting.

Our teachers are trained to differentiate instruction based on students’ learning styles and abilities. We offer personalized learning pathways, provide additional support where needed, and offer advanced challenges for students who excel.

To attend our online school, you will need a computer or tablet with internet access. We provide a list of recommended devices and software, as well as technical support to help you get started. You can even visit our Campus Mall to check out the best deals we’ve negotiated for you.

We use a variety of assessment methods, including quizzes, assignments, projects, and interactive activities to evaluate students’ understanding. Our teachers provide timely feedback and maintain open lines of communication with you to discuss progress.

Enrolling in the CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme is simple. Visit our website, follow the enrollment process, and select the subjects you wish to rewrite. Our admissions team will guide you through the steps and provide the necessary information.

For more information about the CAPS Matric Rewrite Programme, including fees, subject offerings, and enrollment details, please visit our website or contact our admissions team at and you can even book a free consultation with them. We’re here to support you in your journey towards achieving improved results and unlocking new opportunities.

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I want to say thank you SWALES ONLIINE ACADEMY, one of the best Online classes.  I would highly recommend Swales for online classes.  My child started this year March 2023 and from the day she started I was totally impressed with everything that Swales has to offer.  There are so many advantages of studying from home.  The teachers are excellent and their communication when kids miss their online lessons totally impressed me.  I can go on and on about the many reasons why parents should consider online classes and why Swales Online Academy is the best by far.

Angelina Naidoo

Grade 6 Parent

Swales Online Academy has changed our lives.  My daughter is doing so well in school, she loves her teachers and classmates. Me. As a homeschool mom, struggled to find the balance of school and every day.  Swales helped my kids to be independent and they love school now.  You can also do it from anywhere in the world and it boosts their confidence especially because they are in a comfortable environment of their own home.

Juanita Germishuys

Grade 7 Parent

Swales Online Academy is fantastic. I used to worry whether online schooling was the right fit for my children, but I know for a fact I made the right choice enrolling them here. Sometimes, we as parents have difficult choices to make regarding the best outcome for our children’s future. Don’t let schooling them be one of those difficult decisions. Take a chance with Swales Online Academy you will see that your children will be taught with passion and their educational future is in great hands.

Tracey Chalmer

Grade 9 and 10 Parent

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Welcome to a year of growth, achievement, and boundless possibilities!

Matric Rewrite, where your academic achievements pave the path to a bright future.

Matric Rewrite, where your academic achievements pave the path to a bright future.

We understand the significance of Matric and believe in empowering students to reach their fullest potential, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond the classroom.

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